“Scott, Thank you again for your service! I have used Seacoast Dent Repair on two occasions and the quality of work is very impressive. Scott has worked on my car and motorcycle with an end result that was as good as new. Seacoast Dent Repair is far more cost effective than a body shop and the turnaround time is hours instead of days. I will definitely use their service in the future and would highly recommend them to anybody looking to restore their automobiles appearance.”    – Mark LaFrance, Graphics Designer




“After Scott worked on my car he asked me if he was satisfied with his work and I told him I was so glad to see my car back in shape that I’d like to write up a note on how pleased I was. Scott came out to take care of my car after it was parked under an apple tree for 2 weeks and completely covered with dings. Once the work was done, there was no signs that any damage had ever occurred. While he was working on the car, I also had him refinish my wheels which had some curb rash and chipping paint. Everything came out fantastic and I highly recommend his services to anyone else who has a car that needs some refreshing.” – Alexa Richards, Elementary School Teacher




“I was referred to Scott at Morin’s Service Station after my car was bumped into in a parking lot. I heard he could save me from getting my insurance company involved in an expensive body shop repair. Scott showed up at my work and pulled then dent right in the parking lot without me having to go out of my way. He even took care of some door dings I had. The work came out great and it was less than my deductible would have been if I got my insurance company involved. Scott was very professional and I’ll be using him again if I ever need any dent repair services.”- Rachael Moran, Technical Recruiter

“Seacoast Dents has helped me on multiple occasions. I think your Paintless Dent Removal method is wonderful. I had some major dings that I was worried about on my rental but Scott took care of everything.” – Kimberly Mahan, Secretary at Power Bridwell

“I’d just like to say that Seacoast Dents probably has one of the best support services for their products out of anyone. They are always on time and get the job done right.” – Bruce Welkner, Engineer at Wilcox