Our Services

Dent Removal

When performed by a professional, paintless dent removal is the best option for returning your car to factory finish. The metal and paint will return to the condition they were before the blemishes happened.

Hail Repair

We pride ourselves on our ability to repair most dents without the need for touch-up paint. This includes damage from Hail and other weather related incidents. Paintless dent repair is much less expensive than a body shop repair. This is because there is much less time required to repair a dent, and there are no high paint material costs associated with a conventional repair.

Dealer Contracts

We work with dealers to service full lots. Dealers can schedule one-time or scheduled appointments to keep their fleets in A+ condition. Call us today for our special rates.

On-Site Service

We are a mobile company that provides PDR repairs at your location. In addition to private automobile owners, we service auto body shops, automotive dealers and rental car facilities. Allow us the opportunity to show you that the dent was never there.

24/7 Support

We are always available to take your call. Call us today for a your consultation and estimate. We will call you back as soon as possible so you can return your car to its deserved state.

Professional & Paintless

Because of the method used, your factory paint will be preserved and there will be no need for fillers, primers, or sealers that could change the look of your car. Body shops often utilize chemicals that are not friendly to the environment… PDR requires no toxic elements and keeps the environment clean!